Ramon Llull. Doctrina pueril: A Primer for the Medieval World

Joan Santanach (intr.) - John Degenais (trad.)
Barcelona - Woodbridge
Barcino - Tamesis
978 1 85566 309 1

Ramon Llull wrote the Doctrina pueril between 1274 and 1276 to provide minimum knowledge to those people---children, but also adults---who did not have the opportunity to acquire a sufficient doctrinal and intellectual education. In the late thirteenth century this meant stressing the basics of Christian doctrine and also accessing some aspects of general culture. The most important part of the Doctrina is dedicated to the catechism (articles of faith, commandments, sacraments, vices and virtues, and so on.). Especially interesting, however, are the more general sections, encyclopedic in nature, on issues such as the three monotheistic religions of the Mediterranean, the lessons that could be studied in the medieval universities, and other medical and scientific subjects.